And of course, before heading back home to US, never forget to drop by at the Salon and pamper yourself with all the services that they have to offer. You can’t just leave Phil, are you? So off I went to David Salon for some hair treatment because my hair gone wild due to the hot sun and being in the beach a lot of times. I’d been to David Salon in Davao twice already so I must say I like their services and how they treat my hair. It was a bit pricey compare to the other Salon in Davao but it was worth it cause my hair never went wrong on the first time.

Here I am below with the new hair do, and a new color! I got it cellophane as well so I got some color on my hair. I choose some kind of purplish so that it wont be so light. Hubby is a big no no on brown, but purple is ok with him. I know it doesnt look purple right! But I sure love it! So below photo is my entry for #173 BPC.
 photo 12_zpsd22b9a50.jpg
By the way, I like to share this photo below. This was taken after I had my hair done. Yes the kids were with me that time and they waited patiently for the whole 2.5hours in the Salon. My mom was there to entertain them as well. Isn’t this a cool photo? This was inside the NCCC Mall, when you enter the Mall this is the first thing that you will see.