Tuesday was our flight back to Manila. At 9am, we were already in Francisco Bangoy International Airport(Davao Airport). I was having butterfly in my tummy thinking that we will be seeing hubby again. It’s been 6 weeks since we last saw him, and we sure missed him so much. Anyhow, getting in the airport was a breeze. The line of inspections was not long. I can’t remember how many times they inspect us before we reached the gate. Philippines Airport, especially Davao is very strict, and all passengers including kids are being check. As we head to our boarding gate, a woman approached me and asked for my signature if I want our world to be beautiful. Of course I signed right away, giving her my maiden name and my not-real signature. And I thought that’s it, she got us held up by babbling about this and that on how I can save the planet, and later on asked if I could write my information including my credit card number to donate such amount and they will mail me free stuff like seeds and blah blah blah. I could feel myself frowning and told her frankly that I don’t have time for that and we are not from here. Afterward I walked away without looking back at her. I sure appreciate her concern about our Forest and other Natural Resources but it seems like she is in the wrong place to do that where everybody is in a hurry and of course what’s the used of the government. I’m pretty sure she got some fundings for that.

Anyway, I would like to share this photo below that I took inside the Gate area where we waited for our boarding time. The airport has a Room for Nursing moms and for toddlers to keep them entertain while waiting for the flight.  The room for nursing mom is right next to this play area. They have some couches too right outside the room where mommies can watch their toddlers while they play. I was surprised nobody was using this facilities because there were a lot of people waiting for their flights. I was glad though that my son was able to hold on all the toys all by himself. =)

 photo photo-3_zpsf640eed8.jpg After 30mins of waiting, our boarding time came. First call were for people who needs assistance and with kids. We went to our gate right away and was again irritated. To my dismay the gate was so crowded with people who wants to get in the plane and they were letting people in already that were not called yet. I push myself thru the crowds and yell at the Cebu Pacific attendant. I told him why are you letting all this people in already when there are still kids and old folks that need assistance? I was really pissed by this.  It seems like everybody is in a hurry to get in the plane feeling that they might missed it or somebody might get their seats. geez!

Anyway, me and the kids were seated together. Clayton got the window seat, JJ sits in the middle, then I got the aisle seat. Clayton wants to close the window because the light is hurting his eyes, but he needs to keep it open as the plane ascends. The flight attendant call his attention even though I already did. You know toddlers are, they are very hard headed. The old guy at the back help Clayton open the Window, with my buckle on I had a hard time reaching it. Clayton tried to close it again, and grandpa open it again. I reprimanded Clayton to keep it open until we reached the top. Then I saw the old guy looking at me so weird and said thank you to him for opening the window for me. But later on Clayton closed it again even though we are still ascending. That made the old guy so pissed that he put his finger hard on Clayton’s head. I was shocked! As a mom I reacted right away. I don’t care if he is old, he has no right to do that to my son. I yelled at him so loud and told him that he has no right to touch my son, point a finger, or yell at him. I was so mad that I literally scream at him for doing so in English! He told me to teach my son. I told him that you have no right to tell me what to do, you have no position or what so ever. I know what I’m doing, and as you can see I had been telling him to keep the window open, and for Pete’s sake he is only 4years old. How do you expect a 4year old to listen? He probably want me to spank Clayton for it. I was so mad, that my body was shaking. That old fool, how dare him to lay a finger on my son! He should be ashamed of himself. Until now, it still boils me.  And when we landed in Manila, I looked at him sharply and make sure that he will not get near on any of my kids. He sure was a crusty old guy. ugh! I hate him! lol.

We landed safely in Manila, and went straight to our Hotel. I was a little bit tired after all that, but happy that soon enough we will see hubby.