School is out finally! I bet a lot of you are super excited to go for a  summer vacation. As for us, we are already on vacation. I pulled my kids out early from school so we can avail a cheap flight to Philippines. Actually  we are already a month here in Phil and in a couple of weeks from now we will be heading back home. We sure can’t wait to see Plop Plop again! When we get home, we will do a lot of stuff together like clean the house, do some renovation, fix stuff that need to be fix, clean up the yard, and a lot more. I bet some of you are done with all these stuff and was able to renovate some part of the house already. I wanted to renovate also, but since we are just renting the house, I can’t do much of it. Oh well, hubby and I will just fix the property that we bought, build a house that we both wanted, and fix the inside of it. The first thing that we want to have is a big bathroom that has all the  vanities that we want to have and a pretty size bath tub like those whirlpool tubs that we’ve been dreaming about. It sure is nice to own one to help us relax after a busy day, and as we go older, we need something like this to enjoy life much better. Anyway, it’s nice to have a pretty bathroom so taking a bath or using the toilet wont be so boring.