Summer here in the East Coast has been really great! We were able to enjoy the season because it’s not so hot and humid. There were only a couple of times when the temperature reach to 95F and feels like 104F, most of the time it’s below 90F.

When it was scorching hot a couple of weeks ago, I took my kids to the public pool of Codorus Park to cool off. It was Monday afternoon when we went there and I was surprised that there were a lot of swimmers than usual on weekdays.  But in spite that, we were still able to enjoy the place and had a great time. I know we just came from a vacation in a tropical country where we spent most of our time in the beach. We should be so full of it already, right? But when it comes to water we are always on the go even though we are so tan already.

So anyhow, below where some of the pics in the pool.

#209 BPC