Since we come home from the other side of the planet, our body time have change. Kids had been sleeping so late like pass 12am and I would be up like 2am. I know it’s over a month now since we come home, and we should have adjusted with the Eastern time already. But we are struggling and still can’t go to sleep the usual time. Definitely, we are in big trouble when school starts, I wish that we can get back to our usual time so we won’t be so tired on the first day of school. I will just keep on taking the kids to bed as early as possible and maybe sing them a lullaby   to help them fall asleep right away. I will do everything that I could even if I have to get  a fender standard stratocaster hss electric guitar to help them fall asleep. That would be crazy huh? Cause it would be too loud. lol! I was saying that I will do my best for us to get back to our time here in the East Coast.