It’s been a long time since I attended a good concert. I think I was still in college back then. After I graduated, life was so busy that I never get the chance to see one. Now I am hoping that hubby and I could attend one especially that I know my favorite band is in town for their concert. But I know that I couldn’t watch it because of the kids. Nobody would watch them for me when hubby and I will be out for a night. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait when they are old enough to stay home all by themselves and that would probably 7years from now. Whew! That is quite a long time huh? Anyhow, time will fly so fast, pretty sure hubby and I could watch one one day. But by then, we will have different favorites. We might find ourselves enjoying a classical music that played by popular classical artist that used some cool manhasset music stand at musicians friend . That would be nice huh? Oh I sure can’t wait when that time comes.