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October was a very fun month for us family. We did a lot of fun stuff, and went to a lot of places. October weather let us do all these stuff because it’s not so hot and not so cold either. It was a perfect time to go outside and have fun!

One of the things we did was pick apples. It’s like a tradition to our family to pick apples on the month of October, and it’s a popular thing to do here in the East Coast. October is harvest time for apples, so a lot of people here look forward to it. My kids just love to pick apples because for them it’s fun, get to taste some apples that is straight from the tree, and it’s a bonding time with mommy and daddy. So every year they look forward to it even though they are not that fond of  eating apples at home. So here are some of our photos when we had apple picking at the Brown Orchard last month. They only had Delicious Red Apples and Granny Smith Apples ready for picking that time, and all were so crunchy and juicy. As you can see the photos below, my boys were busy tasting the apples that they’ve picked. =)

 photo apple_zps516c5b59.jpg

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