On my special day, my boys took me to the mall for a shopping spree, but due to some unexpected events while heading to the mall, my day was over, just like that. I loss interest of going shopping, and ran off by myself to get some air. And when things calmed down, I went back to see the boys cause I missed them terribly. Hubby apologized for his outward behavior and took me to Zales to buy me a present. I was not in the mood to go shopping anymore and just wanted to go home, but he insist and grabbed me to the store to pick what I want.

I was gonna get a blue topaz necklace to pair with my blue topaz earrings, but when I saw this beauty(photo below), I fell in love right away.  photo IMG_9748_zps14c47099.jpgIsn’t it gorgeous? It’s a pink sapphire necklace that surrounds with diamond accents on a sterling silver chain.  I thought it’s the most prettiest thing ever in their store and it was on sale! LoL! This sweet looking piece sure is a keeper, it made me feel a little better on my day. And since hubby accepted his mistakes – which he seldom do, all is well again. 🙂 I sure appreciate his effort for doing so. Actually he doesn’t need me to buy such presents, a simple hug and a sincere sorry is enough to make me smile again. 🙂 So this necklace, was an icing on a cake.