On Saturday, we were the East Coast was hit with a winter storm again. This time it has a name, they call it Winter Storm Electra. It sounded a little bit weird when they started naming winter storms. But anyway, we were affected, so it snowed all day on Saturday, we have no choice but to stay at home. Of course, no storm can stop hubby from working. His huge truck can zoom through it. So Sunday morning, our surroundings was covered with snow again and this time with ice cause it rained after it snowed. And since we were on a sidewalk, it is our duty to shovel the sidewalk. And since hubby needs to work, I did all the shoveling. It was my first time to shovel here, in fact it was my first time to used the shovel that I bought last year! And I tell ya, I love it! I thought it was a fun thing to do. LoL!

SO below are some Before and After pics of our sidewalk.



Anyhow,  it is really important to shovel the sidewalk when you live in a community like this, because kids walk on it upon going to the bus stop, and people walk their dogs every morning. If I don’ shovel, it would be too slippery to walk and kids might fall and get hurt.