Have you heard about #TBT? I think most people in Facebook knows what TBT means.  Well, if you dont know what it means, it stands for Throw Back Thursday. It’s actually a hashtag, one of the most popular hashtag next to #selfie. It’s when people post old photos of themselves on Thursday and hashtag it with #TBT. =)

I dont do TBT, but my brother did one time and posted an old photo of us(photo below). I was surprised that he still has this photo! I thought the flood wash it away. Oh it bring so much memories of my childhood days. I almost forgot what I look like when I was little and pretty much surprised that I look so much like my youngest. Many people said that my youngest look like me, so I put our photo together to see. And look! We do look a like when I was little. hahaha. Except for the skin color though. Well, I am very proud to say that I dont need a Caucasian blood to produce handsome kidos. Below is the proof. =)

Anyway, I just realized how fun is #TBT is. Looking back to old photos bring back so much memories.