Do you know who is Jillian Michaels? Well, she is just one of those famous personal fitness trainer who is known for her extreme workout that really works in shedding some of those extra fats. If you search online, she got tons of weigh loss programs that help motivate women to live a healthy life. I for one was curious about her programs, so I thought of trying one of her Wii CD that I found in Ebay. It only cost $4.99 plus free shipping and its brand new, so I thought what I got to lose? Better try it than never right!. lol! I was kinda desperate to get rid some of my flabs on my lower body cause it starting to look so disgusting whenever I wear a pair of shorts. I want my legs to look great during the Summer time, so I thought this Jillian Michaels might be the solution of my problem. So here it is the CD that I bought. It’s Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 2010. It’s not the latest CD but it is enough to make me feel exhausted and give me sores all over.
It needs a wii board, and I have none. It doesn’t matter though because it’s not that important. You can do the exercises without the board. And I tell ya, the exercises are quite easy, but when you do 30reps after 3moves, you will start to feel it and find yourself sweating and catching some breath. whew! In my age, I am exhausted right away after 3 moves. hehehe… Got to do it every other day, so my body will get used to it. 🙂
Doing this is really fun, I can choose what I wanted to tone down, change the music and the background as well. Anyway, what I like about this CD is that it gives good advices after the repetitions. Below is one of them. “No negative self talk, it will only sabotage you as you strive to achieve your goals.”
Isn’t that right? If you haven’t tried this CD yet, better check out Ebay, you can get them there for a pretty good price. If it doesn’t suit you, you can chuck it easy cause it doesnt cost much.