This past weeks has been really cold here in the East Coast. Often times at night, the temperature is below zero and during the day it’s in one digit, making it feel so lazy to go out. Most of the time we stay indoor but if we really need to go out for groceries, I have no choice but to bundle up with thick layers and go to the grocery store. Good thing the grocery store is just a few minutes away.

But whenever we have some good sunny days that is in the 20-30F, I always take my little one out to get some fresh air and some fun. Photo below is one of those days. I took the little one to the mall for some window shopping and play some arcade games. We had lunch at the food court then afterward I let him ride at those ride machines where you put a quarters in order to go. He sure had so much fun. He wont mind me going to the dress store as long as he had his fun. Of course, we can’t stay long in the mall during the weekdays because we have to be home for the big brother to come home from school. Anyway, I hope the temperature would go up a bit so it won’t be too cold to go out and play. It’s quite depressing to stay indoor all the time. Stay at home mommies also need some break you know. 🙂 photo 1016343_10151963305088382_959748318_n_zps65a4ee6f.jpg Snap-A-Day