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It’s been really cold for this past few weeks here in the East Coast. PA was one of the States that was affected by the Polar Vortex. The temperature was really low, and I believed it’s the coldest that I’ve experienced since I arrived here in US 6 years ago. We stayed indoor most of the time and only went out when we really need to. We had some snow storms like every week, but it was like any other snowy day here in the East Coast. Our State is pretty much prepared for this, that’s why we pay local tax for it. 😀 Anyhow, I assume you already know what is Polar Vortex, and as soon as the first one passed, my son and I took the opportunity to go outside to breath some fresh air and taste the snow for a few minutes even though it was only 9F. Somehow our body have adjusted with this temp and we were able to stay outside within 30mins. My little boy grabbed some snow right away and began playing like it’s sands. This time he was able to make his first snow angel for this year Winter season even though it was below 10F. Check him below, having so much fun!

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