It’s been a very cold Winter Season this year. Lots of States has been affected by Snow storms, Polar Vortex, and Wintry Mix weather that cause school to be out for a couple of days. School was out for almost one week here in South Eastern PA, and I thought I will go crazy for being in-door all day! LOL! So to bit the boredom, I did all the shoveling on our driveway and on our sidewalk. It was pretty tough but I sure like it! But on the last snow storm,  I didn’t shovel the sidewalk, because I don’t feel like shoveling the snow that it’s been rained already. You know the snow get’s so heavy to shovel when it’s top with rain. I was also waiting for the Plower Truck to plow the road but it came so late. I don’t wanna shovel the sidewalk right away and then later on it will be full of snow again after the plower put all the snow from the road to the sidewalk! Ugh! Imagine the dilemma. But anyway, we had 12inches of accumulation on the last Snow Storm that was just last week. Look at me below halfway buried in the snow. LoL. I took this photo when I decided to shovel our icy-snow-driveway.