Yay! Hubby just turned 46 a couple of weeks ago. We had a simple celebration in our humble home, I made him his favorite dish – baby back ribs and the worlds best lasagna ever. The kids help out with the preparations by setting up the table, and decorating the wall with Happy Birthday buntings. They also cleaned the livingroom so when the birthday boy comes home, he will be so happy to see that the house is not messy. Aren’t they so sweet? They even turn off the lights, and shout SURPRISED! when the birthday boy came home from work. As you can see below, the celebrant was so happy of our effort on his birthday.  photo teban_zps2aa2470e.jpg After the yummy dinner, he blow the candles on his birthday cake. Then the kids hand their homemade birthday card to Plop Plop. The birthday boy sure was so happy and so proud. He said he could never ask for more. awe.. I am so glad that he liked all our preparations even though it’s just a simple one.