This is the second time that I sent a Balikbayan Box to my Family in Philippines since I relocated here in US 7 years ago. I usually just send cash whenever they need or if there is an emergency at home but when I sent my first box last year, I saw that the recipients were very happy when they saw all the goodies inside the box. Because of that, I thought to myself to send a box every year whenever I can to make my family back home happy.

I sent my second box thru the courier Forex World last May 22, but my family received it just a couple of weeks ago. It took 3months before they received it which is quite long than normal. Blame it on the government at home. They change the rules in transportation causing delays of releasing sea containers. Nevertheless, my box arrived in one piece. I am happy to see that my family were very happy and excited upon receiving the box and was able to enjoy all the US made goodies

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