The weather here in the East Coast is so unpredictable this year. Our summer was never been better! I mean our temp stayed in between 70-80 F which I am not complaining about but sometimes it drops to 50F during the night which cause my vegetable garden to wither. And now that school just started, the temperature warms up again to 90F. Isnt that crazy? I was ready to call the Gas Company to have our tank filled up so we will be ready for the coming cold season and all of a sudden it warms up again. Nevertheless, I still need to call the gas company to avoid hassles when everybody starts calling them. Well it’s better to be prepared right?

Anyhow, I’ve heard that Winter this year is gonna be brutal compare last year. Last year was already brutal, how brutal could it get? LOL! Well I would advice to start looking around your house that needs fixing like the house sidings, clog gutter, windows, cables that are ready to fall apart which you can buy av cables at if that is broken. Got to do what you got to do right? Good thing hubby is smart and always prepare for the worst.