The most awaited Spring Season is finally here! Whew! So tired of all this dull color around me that seeing the trees slowly springing back to life is just making me so happy. I sure cant wait to smell the grass again and to see all the spring flowers blooming and bees buzzing. Well, the only thing that I am not excited about are the other insects like spiders and mosquitoes. I sure hate those bugs! Good thing there are equipments to keep this bugs aways from entering your home.  Check out the Skeetervac traps at Northline Express! Its one tough mosquito trap that is proven to be effective in controlling mosquitoes. If you are planning for a camping trip, this piece of equipment will surely come handy. My family and I are planning to have a little camping trip one day in the woods, and this baby will surely keep us snoring all night long. So check it out!