If you remember I started Easter Egg Hunting in our Yard last year. And it was so much fun! Hubby hide the eggs really good that my little ones had a hard time searching. Because of that, I told myself that I will gonna do it again for the kids even though its just the two of them. And this time they have a big place to run around and hunt for the eggs. As before, hubby hide the eggs while me and the kids went to church to honor our Savior who is the reason for this event. And when we came home, its time for them to hunt the eggs. Hubby hide the eggs really good. As you can see on the photos below, he hide some of them on the trees, in the bushes, side of the house, under the tree, and hard to reach places. =D And who is the winner? Of course the little one once again. He He He. I sure am glad that the kids had a great time. Next year we will definitely do it again.  photo eggs2015_zpsgnesbjg6.jpg By the way if you are asking whats inside the eggs, well, I put the candies and chocolates that they got from the other Egg Hunt that we participated. =)