Planning an island vacation can be an exciting adventure, but finding ways to save money during your stay can be an even more rewarding experience. Whether you’re planning to travel for your honeymoon, anniversary, a destination wedding, or a family vacation, here are some great tips to help you save as much as possible during your island getaway.

Start with Lodging

Chances are the lodging you choose to stay at will account for the majority of your vacation budget. Many hotels offer discounted packages that include airfare and shuttle service to and from the airport. An all-inclusive resort is a great option because meals and unlimited alcoholic beverages are often included. Some newer hotel chains offer extremely competitive rates without compromising on quality or perks; Singer Island Hotels is an example of a luxurious yet budget-friendly solution.

Don’t Travel during Holidays

While you can save money by planning your island vacation during an off-peak season, the reason you’re visiting in the first place is to enjoy plenty of warm sunshine and relax by the beach. Compromise and book your stay during a time that tends to be less busy yet still features the climate you’re excited about. Remember that if you plan your trip during a holiday, you’ll most likely end up paying top dollar.

Book Flights in Advance

The sooner you book your flight, the more you’ll save on airfare. If it makes you nervous to purchase a flight a year in advance, you can purchase travel insurance that will allow you to cancel or reschedule your flight without losing your money. Another easy way to save money is to purchase your flight on a Tuesday or a Wednesday and to actually fly out on one of these days. These two days of the week often feature the cheapest flights.

Search for Free Adventures

In addition to sunbathing on the beach, you can usually find plenty of free local attractions, as long as you know where to look. Research options online and ask the hotel you choose to stay at what some of the best free local adventures are.

Each time you save on an aspect of your trip, you can designate the extra money as spending cash during your stay.