Do you know that York Fair is the oldest Fair here in US? Wow, I didnt know about that and to think its just 10mins away from our house. =D From what I’ve read that it was first held in 1765, eleven years before the Nation was founded. Wow, that is really cool to know right?

Anyway, from my 8 years of stay here in PA as an immigrant, it was my first time to attend the Festival that is held here every year. And of course it was my family’s first as well. We wanted to see the goat contest and the pig race. And as expected that its gonna be crowded because as I said its the biggest Fair here in PA and people from around the State and other States want to attend and be part of this Historical event. Even though we went on a weekday it was still a bit crowded but not that bad. The only bad thing is… there aint anything FREE! LoL! I was surprised they charge parking lot and entrance fee. If you charge entrance Fee at least the parking would be free right? or maybe charge by car? For a family of four that paid $32(i thing) just by entering the Fair seems ridiculous. =D Not to mention the drinks, food, and rides were quite expensive. Oh well, good thing it only happens once a year and my kids didnt complain much when we told them No! =D

Anyway, below where some of the pix. Enjoy! photo IMG_8808_zpshhwq3ssc.jpg  photo IMG_8789_zps7s6wbst4.jpg  photo IMG_8793_zpsj6c9cget.jpg photo IMG_8794_zpsuivcn7bp.jpg photo IMG_8798_zpswxywz8tq.jpg photo IMG_8799_zps5n5h2vsd.jpg photo IMG_8803_zpswhymnyqq.jpg