Finally the sun is out! Its been raining like cats and dogs for almost the whole week and it starting to get really depressing. It didn’t just rain though but it was windy as well which cause the leaves to fall like crazy and made a huge mess on our yard and patio. Gotta clean up later so I can enjoy the outdoor with this nice Fall temperature. Yes! I love Fall temperature. It makes me wanna hang out at the patio and drink my favorite coffee while watching the color of the leaves and the squirrels gathering their food.

How I wish we have a pool though that is complete with Pool Towel Rack at Home and Patio Decor that I saw online at I like to deep my feet in the water while reading a good book. I bet those who have swimming pools here in the East Coast have already cover it for the Season. As for my friends in the West, I’ve heard that it still feels like Summer over there. I saw some of their pics enjoying the beach and the pool while here in the East we are already wearing a sweater and boots. In spite that, I still love the weather here in the East which is not so hot and not so extremely cold. We can enjoy both. But I know there are some folks who are not so excited about this coming cold weather and a lot of them take a vacation to the South just to escape it. Oh well, if you don’t like the cold weather, move to the Sunny State right? Its simple as that.

Anyway, hope it wont rain that much anymore this week so I can enjoy Fall outdoor. =)