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Time fly so fast for little boys. And guess what this little boy just turn 7! Yay! Fun Fun Fun!
We just had a simple celebration, only us family. No party this year coz money is tight, but we make sure that the little one is going to have a blast on his birthday.  So what we did is… we took him to the game store and let him choose the video game he wants. Then later on, we took him to Hickory Falls where all the fun is! As you can see the photos below the little boy was having fun. After that, we dine out in our fave restaurant, then bought a birthday cake for the little guy to blow and make a wish. And then play the video game that he bought at the game store.

It was a fun day for the little guy. I am so glad that he didn’t ask for more. So proud of him. photo Untitled-2_zpsyf8fywuv.jpg photo Untitled-1_zpsbwjjhxqb.jpg photo IMG_0017_zpsnweu1ybx.jpg