Winter this year is awesome! So far we are having some wonderful weather, like Spring weather. I know its kinda weird and I’m sure its gonna hurt some of the perennial plants and trees, but we are loving it! I didn’t have to wear thick jackets everyday, and we get to enjoy the outdoors! It only snowed twice so far and it was not even bad, it melted right away, that I dont even need to shovel. But before the snow melted, we were able to enjoy it. Its Winter after all. What is Winter without the snow, right? Anyway, I told the kids to go outside and have fun in the snow before it all disappear. So here they are trying to build their snowman. =)

 photo 16508712_10154841169743382_7090861696652028037_n_zps1yvmtx77.jpg

Since it was not so cold outside, the kids were able to stay out all morning playing on the snow.