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Analou’s Place to Remember
Analou’s Me and My Dog
All Around Mom
Analou’s Unwrapping Man Made Nature’s and Wonder
Angel’s Fish Hooks and More
Forsythea’s This and That
Life in the Middle of Nowwhere
Little World of Fun
Mary Anne’s Musing
Mom and Daughter Style
My Rendevous
Dressing Up For Me
OZ Life
Race’s Moments of My Life
SAHM Embracing Two Cultures
Simple World of Haze
Shelly Bean’s Scraps
Triz The All Around Mom
Wonderful Things in Life
Nancys Peaceful Mind
Pinay Single Mom’s Nook
Whatever Comes To My Mind
Adventures with my family and the fun that life leads
Life is what you make it

-=Recel’s Blogs=-
A Schooling Mom
Daily Bread on my Platter
Health and Fashion Blog
Mixed Catch
Progressive Parenting
Rare Ordinary Thoughts
Travelholics Expressions

1 thought on “Blog Roll”

  1. Charlyn Lez Moss said:

    Really cool blog!

    If you don’t mind, I’m in the process of publishing my own book about the Philippines, and I really need a pic of a balikbayan box. I chanced upon your blog, and saw the balikbayan box pic.

    Is it ok if I use it for my book? For sure, I’m going to give you credit for it.

    Please send me an email if that’s ok.


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