Stackable Rings Perfect Gift

Christmas has already pass but if you are still trying to shop for a present for that special someone check out  Joy Jewelers stackable expressions . They have a wide range collections of jewelries for a very reasonable price that would leave your special someone breathless when she opens the  box.

My favorite choice is this pretty  6mm  Fresh Water White Pearl Ring that is made of polished sterling silver. I thought its the most prettiest ever, its very simple yet so elegant. There are 7 items under this pearl stackable rings that is designed to fit next to each other.

And if you are looking for a Birthstone stackable rings, Joy Jewelers has a bunch of them that you will have a hard time choosing. So check it out now.

December already?!

November went by so quickly that its December already! Yes, the Holidays are coming! I bet a lot of you are excited and cant wait for the 25th to open your presents. But the question is- is your Christmas list ready? If not, you better hurry cause it wont be long now. If a music lover is in your list who happens to like the Beatles, well, you better check out the beatles gear , its just perfect for that person. You better hurry so you wont missed a thing.

Halloween at the Park 2015

Halloween in Codorus Park was quite early this early. Its good though because we can trick or treat twice and that means more candies! =D on. My kids were dressed the same as last year, a Warrior and a red ninja. I didnt get them a new costume cause the old one still fits and I dont want to spend that much on something that they will only used one time. So for those who havent seen their costumes.. here it is.  photo 11219406_10153640965678382_2835825846541149989_n_zpsqzih6egr.jpg
And below were some of the pics at the park.
 photo halloween2015_zpsbrndhi1r.jpg The campers in Codorus Park did a really good job in decorating their camping area and almost all of them participate this year. My kids were able to gather a lot of candies and they had so much fun trick or treating and checking out the awesome decorations. It sure was a fun day inspite the crowd. But it was a good crowd though. Glad that my kids had fun. So if you havent been experience Halloween in Codorus yet, well, you better check it out next time.

Fall Weather

Finally the sun is out! Its been raining like cats and dogs for almost the whole week and it starting to get really depressing. It didn’t just rain though but it was windy as well which cause the leaves to fall like crazy and made a huge mess on our yard and patio. Gotta clean up later so I can enjoy the outdoor with this nice Fall temperature. Yes! I love Fall temperature. It makes me wanna hang out at the patio and drink my favorite coffee while watching the color of the leaves and the squirrels gathering their food.

How I wish we have a pool though that is complete with Pool Towel Rack at Home and Patio Decor that I saw online at I like to deep my feet in the water while reading a good book. I bet those who have swimming pools here in the East Coast have already cover it for the Season. As for my friends in the West, I’ve heard that it still feels like Summer over there. I saw some of their pics enjoying the beach and the pool while here in the East we are already wearing a sweater and boots. In spite that, I still love the weather here in the East which is not so hot and not so extremely cold. We can enjoy both. But I know there are some folks who are not so excited about this coming cold weather and a lot of them take a vacation to the South just to escape it. Oh well, if you don’t like the cold weather, move to the Sunny State right? Its simple as that.

Anyway, hope it wont rain that much anymore this week so I can enjoy Fall outdoor. =)

The Family @ York Festival 2015

Do you know that York Fair is the oldest Fair here in US? Wow, I didnt know about that and to think its just 10mins away from our house. =D From what I’ve read that it was first held in 1765, eleven years before the Nation was founded. Wow, that is really cool to know right?

Anyway, from my 8 years of stay here in PA as an immigrant, it was my first time to attend the Festival that is held here every year. And of course it was my family’s first as well. We wanted to see the goat contest and the pig race. And as expected that its gonna be crowded because as I said its the biggest Fair here in PA and people from around the State and other States want to attend and be part of this Historical event. Even though we went on a weekday it was still a bit crowded but not that bad. The only bad thing is… there aint anything FREE! LoL! I was surprised they charge parking lot and entrance fee. If you charge entrance Fee at least the parking would be free right? or maybe charge by car? For a family of four that paid $32(i thing) just by entering the Fair seems ridiculous. =D Not to mention the drinks, food, and rides were quite expensive. Oh well, good thing it only happens once a year and my kids didnt complain much when we told them No! =D

Anyway, below where some of the pix. Enjoy! photo IMG_8808_zpshhwq3ssc.jpg  photo IMG_8789_zps7s6wbst4.jpg  photo IMG_8793_zpsj6c9cget.jpg photo IMG_8794_zpsuivcn7bp.jpg photo IMG_8798_zpswxywz8tq.jpg photo IMG_8799_zps5n5h2vsd.jpg photo IMG_8803_zpswhymnyqq.jpg

attending the York Festival for the first time

The York Festival was a blast! It was our first time to attend since we live here in York County. We were a bit hesitant to go because the place might be crowded since it is the oldest Festival in the country. Well, glad we went and it was okay, just expensive though. There were tons of fun stuff and concerts as well. I would love to watch some of the concerts but its not free. Ive heard that it was really a blast and the performers were really good. There are also DJs with their fancy equipment. I wonder whats the cost of dj equipment ? I bet it cost a lot. Anyhow, hope to attend the Festival next year, and hope that it wont cost that much so we can enjoy it more.

Party Glasses

Planning to have a cocktail party? Check out this hurricane glasses – customized – . Isn’t this awesome? You can even customized it to any way you want! This glasses are just perfect for the party that you are planning this Summer. Or you can get a pair as a gift for your wedding anniversary and have it custom made. But I think you have to select the engraved products for small orders like this which is I think much better cause it will last for a lifetime. As for the printing, their minimum order size is 24 glasses.

Anyway, to customized your hurricane glassed is very easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions that shows the customization. If you designed your own graphic, all you have to do is upload it. But if you have none, no worries because they have a big selection of graphics to choose from for any occasions. You can also choose any color you want for the font and the graphics. Then after that you are done! Easy as pie right? So go and check out Glass With A Twist for your party glasses needs.

Missing all the fun

Tonight is the last night of the Carnival here in our area and we will gonna missed it this year. I was planning to take the kids but I forgot all about it and have things to do tonight! I sure cant believed I missed it. I always love to go to the carnival because its so much fun for the kids and I get to see some local country bands playing on the stage. Oh well, we will just have to wait for next year.

How about you? Do you have plans of going somewhere fun or maybe watch a concert? I would love to hear stephen carpenter from Deftones. Ive know that he plays guitar really good and I wanna see him and hear him in person. I bet thats awesome. Oh well, things are quite tight around here in our end so we cant go far that much. Maybe next year, we can finally do stuff that we missed out this year.

Tips To Help You Save Money For An Island Getaway

Planning an island vacation can be an exciting adventure, but finding ways to save money during your stay can be an even more rewarding experience. Whether you’re planning to travel for your honeymoon, anniversary, a destination wedding, or a family vacation, here are some great tips to help you save as much as possible during your island getaway.

Start with Lodging

Chances are the lodging you choose to stay at will account for the majority of your vacation budget. Many hotels offer discounted packages that include airfare and shuttle service to and from the airport. An all-inclusive resort is a great option because meals and unlimited alcoholic beverages are often included. Some newer hotel chains offer extremely competitive rates without compromising on quality or perks; Singer Island Hotels is an example of a luxurious yet budget-friendly solution.

Don’t Travel during Holidays

While you can save money by planning your island vacation during an off-peak season, the reason you’re visiting in the first place is to enjoy plenty of warm sunshine and relax by the beach. Compromise and book your stay during a time that tends to be less busy yet still features the climate you’re excited about. Remember that if you plan your trip during a holiday, you’ll most likely end up paying top dollar.

Book Flights in Advance

The sooner you book your flight, the more you’ll save on airfare. If it makes you nervous to purchase a flight a year in advance, you can purchase travel insurance that will allow you to cancel or reschedule your flight without losing your money. Another easy way to save money is to purchase your flight on a Tuesday or a Wednesday and to actually fly out on one of these days. These two days of the week often feature the cheapest flights.

Search for Free Adventures

In addition to sunbathing on the beach, you can usually find plenty of free local attractions, as long as you know where to look. Research options online and ask the hotel you choose to stay at what some of the best free local adventures are.

Each time you save on an aspect of your trip, you can designate the extra money as spending cash during your stay.

Save Money On Your European Vacation

If you’re looking to save big bucks on your upcoming European vacation, you’re going to need to put in a bit of leg work and research to make your dream of mass money retention come true. But with a little bit of Internet magic, it can definitely become a reality! You just need to know where to look and, more importantly, where to put your faith. As it happens, there’s a certain corner on the Internet where saving money goes hand in hand with fun filled vacations to all of the four corners of the globe.

Choose Your Spot And Begin Your Journey

The ancient and historic continent of Europe is filled with amazing destinations. In fact, there are far too many to even be listed in this article, let alone fully described. If you’re reading this, we’re sure you already have a few choice locations in mind. The trick is to be able to make your travel reservations and choose all of your favorite spots without breaking your budget. When it comes to planning out your perfect European vacation, you’ll need an ally in your corner who can show you the way to save.

It’s Time To Save, Even As You Spend

For example, if you’re looking to save money on hotels in London, there is a site on the web that can show you how to save a huge amount of money, even as you spend it. It’s no great trick to throw money around, but it’s a real skill to be able to reel the majority of it back in. There’s a site on the Internet that can teach you this rare and neat trick. Indeed, thanks to the power of the world wide web, getting safely to London, or any other major vacation destination across the globe, has never been easier.

Hipmunk, Your Cost Efficient Travel Authority

If you’ve never heard of Hipmunk, you’re in for a major surprise. Finally, there is a website that can handle all of your travel booking needs, from airline fares to hotel or resort reservations, in a quick, effective, and cost efficient manner. With a few quick clicks of your mouse, you can locate your ultimate vacation deal, then lock it in for true peace of mind. Log on to the official Hipmunk company website to see for yourself what they can do for you.

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